Balloon Pets looking for loving homes. Balloon Pets are the ideal faithful obedient loving pets for busy families. Balloon Pets will be by your side on-demand. No feeding required. No cleaning up after your balloon pet. No allergies to animal hair. No effort. 

All Balloon Pets come with a walking ‘leash’ for you or your child to walk your new pet and provide it with plenty of exercise. Train your balloon pet to “come”, “stay”, “roll over” and “play dead”.

Note: Balloon pets are inflated with helium gas so that they can float and ‘walk’. If you noticed your balloon pet looking a little deflated after a few days, bring it to a party store to feed it some helium gas and your balloon pet will be up and walking again.

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Lightning the Red Car $8
Lorna the Red Ladybug $8
Larry the Yellow Ladybug $8
Gerry the Giraffe $12
Lulu the Duck $8
Timmy the Turtle $8
Meow the Cat $8
Randolf the Reindeer $8
Freddy the Frog $8
Thorn the T-Rex Dinosaur $10
Penelope the Penguin $8
Jacques the French Bulldog $8
Rupert the Blue Rabbit $8
Renee the Pink Rabbit $8
Bobi the Corgi $8
Magic the Horse $8
Eddie the Elephant $10
Blaze the Blue Car $8
Pippo the Panda $10