Helium Balloons

Price includes helium inflation, 1.0m string and a free balloon weight (water balloon or water bottle). 
For delivery, add $25-$30 depending on location. Contact 98345522 to place your order! 

Inside Out Movie

Inside Out Blue Square SGD$7 (45x45cm)
Joy SGD$10 (64x45cm)
Sadness SGD$10 (65x47cm)
Anger SGD$10 (69x44cm)

Animals / Safari / Zoo Theme

Zebra Head SGD$12 (60x44cm)
Giraffe Head SGD$12 (58x44cm)
Lion Head SGD$15 (72x65cm)
Cow Head SGD$15 (78x78cm)
Brown Monkey SGD$12 (62x50cm)
Monkey with Flower SGD$15 (120x86cm)
Pink Monkey SGD$12 (75x49cm)
Gold Monkey SGD$12 (75x49cm)
Party Elephant SGD$15 (108x70cm)

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Pink Heart SGD$7 (45cm)
Hello Kitty Happy Day SGD$7 (45cm)
Hello Kitty in Black SGD$7 (45cm)
Hello Kitty White Polka Dot SGD$7 (45cm)
Hello Kitty White Heart SGD$7 (45cm)
Standing Hello Kitty Pink SGD$12 (70x48cm)
Standing Hello Kitty Purple SGD$12 (70x48cm)
Sitting Hello Kitty Pink SGD$12 (70x48cm)


Elsa & Anna Square SGD$7 (45cm)
Elsa & Anna Round SGD$7 (45cm)
Elsa & Anna Pink Heart SGD$7 (45cm)
Elsa & Anna Purple Heart SGD$7 (45cm)
Queen Elsa SGD$10 (65x40cm)
Doe eye Elsa SGD$10 (62x40cm)
2-in-1 Elsa and Anna SGD$10 (62x43cm)
Elsa & Anna Sisters Forever SGD$10
Olaf SGD$12 (78x45cm)

Cars and Planes

Cars Checkered Border SGD$7 (45cm)
Cars Red SGD$7 (45cm)
Cars Pink SGD$7 (45cm)
Planes SGD$7 (45cm)


Soccer Football Balloon SGD$7 (45cm)
Cars Red SGD$7 (45cm)
Basketball Hoop Balloon SGD$20 (71x77cm)


Minion Party SGD$7 (45cm)
Minion Celebration SGD$7 (45cm)
Minion Bob SGD$10 (58x43cm)
Minion Stuart SGD$10 (58x43cm)

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 with 2 patterns SGD$7 (45cm)
Baymax in Armour SGD$12 (73x53cm)

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer SGD$7 (45cm)
Dora, Diego and Boots SGD$7 (45cm)

Sofia The First

Sofia The First SGD$7 (45cm)
Sofia The First Purple Medium SGD$10 (55x42cm)
Sofia The First Pink Medium SGD$10 (55x42cm)
Sofia The First Large SGD$12 (68x50cm)

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig SGD$7 (45cm)
Peppa & Family SGD$7 (45cm)