Balloons for Newborn Baby’s First Month Celebrations / Baby Shower / 100 Days Celebration

Price includes helium inflation, 1.0m string and a free balloon weight (water balloon or water bottle). 
For delivery, add $25-$30 depending on location. Contact 98345522 to place your order! 
Baby Girl Lion & Monkey SGD$7 (45cm)
Baby Minnie Mouse SGD$7 (45cm)
A New Little Princess SGD$7 (45cm)
Baby Girl Flower Butterfly Cube SGD$10 (45cm)
Baby Girl Bird SGD$10 (44x70cm)
It's a Girl Footprint SGD$10 (45x79cm)
Pink Puppy Balloon SGD$10 (49x68cm)
First Birthday Girl Cupcake Balloon SGD$12 (54x68cm)
Baby Whale Pink Balloon SGD$15 (88x72cm)
New Baby Pink Elephant Balloon SGD$15 (56x80cm)
Number 1 Pink Balloon SGD$15 (54x87cm)
Baby Girl Animal Heart Balloon SGD$18 (95x90cm)
Baby Boy Lion & Monkey SGD$7 (45cm)
Baby Mickey Mouse Balloon SGD$7 (45cm)
A New Little Prince SGD$7 (45cm)
Baby Boy Frog Turtle Cube SGD$10 (45cm)
Baby Boy Bird SGD$10 (44x70cm)
It's a Boy Footprint SGD$10 (45x79cm)
Blue Puppy Balloon SGD$10 (49x68cm)
First Birthday Boy Cupcake Balloon SGD$12 (54x68cm)
Baby Whale Blue Balloon SGD$15 (88x72cm)
Number 1 Blue Balloon SGD$15 (54x87cm)
Baby Boy Animal Stars Balloon SGD$18 (95x90cm)