Design your own balloon bouquet. Say "I Love You" or "You are my Star!" with a lovely heart or star balloon bouquets!

Stars, Hearts and Polka Dot Balloons are available in 18" diameter (approximately 46cm) sizes. Price includes helium inflation, a 1.0m string and a free weight (water balloon or water bottle).

Call 98345522 to place your order!

Three Balloon Bouquet SGD$15.00
Five Balloon Bouquet SGD$25.00
Light Blue Star SGD$5
Dark Blue Star SGD$5
Purple Star SGD$5
Silver Star SGD$5
Pink Star SGD$5
Dark Pink Star SGD$5
Red Star SGD$5
Gold Star SGD$5
Light Pink Heart $5
Dark Pink Heart $5
Red Heart $5
Gold Heart $5
Light Blue Heart $5
Dark Blue Heart $5
Purple Heart $5
Silver Heart $5
Pink Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)
Light Blue Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)
Purple Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)
Red Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)
Yellow Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)
Green Polka Dot SGD$5 (45cm)