Ever dreamed of being Spiderman? Or Princess Elsa?

Now you can look like your favourite superhero or a Disney princess, courtesy of our artistic painters! Children love to watch our painters at work, drawing their favourite characters on their faces, arms or hands. The reward of a job well done… … a big beaming smile on our client’s faces!

Popular themes at children birthday parties


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of paints do you use?
We use top quality, non-toxic, quick drying paints especially meant for face/hand painting, which can be easily washed off using water and soap.

2. How do you maintain hygiene during face/hand painting?
Our painters will not paint a client (child or adult) if there are wounds/rashes/pimples/flaky skin. This is to protect the client as well as other clients

3. How many hours should I book a face painter for?
Simple designs like butterflies, flowers, hearts are faster to paint and we can paint about 15 children per hour. Complex designs like superheros or princesses take longer and we can paint about 10 children per hour
A general guideline is:
1 hour for 10-15 children
2 hours for 20-25 children


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