Slackline party over a swimming pool
Slacklining and swimming!


What is Slackline?

Slacklining is a sport developed by rock climbers in Yosemite National Park in California during the late 1970s. They took flat nylon webbing, stretched it between two anchor points, and then learned to walk and balance on this webbing.

Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking except that the slackline (a one inch flat nylon webbing) is dynamic and stretchy. In additional to walking on the slackline, you can bounce on the slackline like a trampoline! Slacklining trains balance, focus and patience. A fun activity for everyone! 

Balloon Carnival is delighted to partner with Elephant Slacklines Singapore, the company that pioneered the sport of slacklining to Singapore!



Slackline Birthday Party Package (2 hours)

 For 10-15 people, $300 for 1 instructor and 2 slacklines

For 20-25 people, $450 for 2 instructors and 3 slacklines

During the first 15mins, participants will be properly briefed and guided for basic slacklining. After which they will participate in one and a half hours worth of fun-filled games and and challenges depending on the age group with prizes to be won. The birthday boy/girl gets a separate and special token from us after the games. This package also includes a full 15mins showcase of  skills from our instructors to demonstrate to the participants the possibilities of the slacklines.